Commission status

# of makers
Open 31 (13.25%)
Closed 89 (38.03%)
Status tracked 128 (54.70%)
Status successfully tracked 118 (50.43%)
Total 234 (100.00%)

Number of fursuit makers not closed for commissions
Number of fursuit makers not open for commissions
Number of fursuit makers which commissions status is tracked automatically (the database contains link to a page, which the software checks periodically to determine if the maker is open for commissions or not). See here for more info
Successfully tracked
Number of fursuit makers which commissions status is tracked automatically, and the software is actually able to determine the status. See here for more info
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Country # of makers
US 133 (56.84%)
GB 17 (7.26%)
CA 12 (5.13%)
NL 7 (2.99%)
CZ, DE 5 (2.14%)
DK, PL 4 (1.71%)
RU 3 (1.28%)
EU, FI, FR, NO 2 (0.85%)
AR, AT, AU, BE, BR, CN, IE, IT, MX, NZ, SK, TW, UA 1 (0.43%)


Style # of makers
Toony 197 (84.19%)
Semi Realistic 73 (31.20%)
Semi Toony 66 (28.21%)
Realistic 57 (24.36%)
Kigurumi 12 (5.13%)

Other styles

Kemono (7x) Anime (2x) "Animalistic" (our own style) Can do realistic if head bases are bought in Can do realistic/semi-realistic with the purchase of pre-made resin blanks Chibi Cosplay Custom requests for atypical concepts Fleece Fur, Latex, Gear Furry cosplay Helms/headdress I always work toony but I could work in other styles Mascot costumes Quad Suits Sci-fi, Animegao, BJD Snarly Specific Use-your-own-eyes style ONLY

Order types

Order type # of makers
Head (as parts/separate) 115 (49.15%)
Partial (head + handpaws + tail + feetpaws) 107 (45.73%)
Mini partial (head + handpaws + tail) 105 (44.87%)
Full plantigrade 101 (43.16%)
Full digitigrade 96 (41.03%)
Tails (as parts/separate) 90 (38.46%)
Handpaws (as parts/separate) 86 (36.75%)
Feetpaws (as parts/separate) 81 (34.62%)
Three-fourth (head + handpaws + tail + legs/pants + feetpaws) 77 (32.91%)
Bodysuits (as parts/separate) 69 (29.49%)

Other order types

Props (4x) Legs (3x) Armsleeves (2x) Plushies (2x) Refurbishments (2x) Repairs (2x) Accessories like wings Alterations Art Dolls Art commissions of all types Badges Bases Blank base Blanks Cosplay Cosplay/costumes Costume parts Digi-styled hooves Faux Taxidermy Fleece Props, Other accessories Foam Bases Full unguligrade Fullsuits for locals Fursuit Sneakers Fursuit Spray Fursuit drying gear Fursuit electronics (LED, fans, etc.) Fursuit props Fursuit props like collars, harnesses, Plush products Headdresses Hoodies I am a custom builder, ask :) I am open to any and all small parts orders, down to resin head bases / eyes etc. I only accept what inspires me Just ask! LARP masks LED circuits Parts Parts (Eyes, Claws, Paw Pads) Parts for building Parts like claws, paw pads, programmable LEDs, tongues Parts not listed above Parts such as resin eye blanks and mesh Plushes Puppets Refurbish Resin and silicone parts Sandals Sculptures Skulls Sleeved partial Sleeves Soaps, bath bombs, etc. Sockpaws Some props Wings


Feature # of makers
Follow-me eyes 113 (48.29%)
Outdoor feet 104 (44.44%)
Indoor feet 91 (38.89%)
Attached tail 86 (36.75%)
Exchangeable tongues 78 (33.33%)
Removable eyelids 69 (29.49%)
Movable jaw 63 (26.92%)
Attached handpaws and feetpaws 61 (26.07%)
LED eyes 56 (23.93%)
In-head fans 55 (23.50%)
Removable horns/antlers 46 (19.66%)
LED/EL lights 43 (18.38%)
Exchangeable hairs 40 (17.09%)
Adjustable/wiggle ears, Washable heads 38 (16.24%)
Electronics/animatronics 25 (10.68%)
Adjustable eyebrows 24 (10.26%)
Removable blush 15 (6.41%)

Other features

Fit for glasses (2x) Pickable nose (2x) Poseable ears (2x) Removable eyes (2x) Wings (2x) 100% plush paws Accessoires (ear plugs, piercings, etc.) Accessories/jewelry Airbrushed or sewn-in details Airbrushing Always ask - clients have wonderful ideas! Articulated parts Bendable wings and tails Body padding Body padding/plush suits Claw-fingers Constantly experimenting with new features for my suits so feel free to ask me for anything and I'll see what i can do! Contact-safe heads for LARP usage Custom lycra liners Custom sculpts Dance-specific feetpaws Dry brushing EL panel eyes (not LED) Ear vents Excellent vision & breathability Exchangable eyes Floor dragger clips Fursuit harnesses Glitter materials Hairstyling Hidden pockets I can also make costume elements for an additional cost Inside storage pockets Interchangable eye irises Interchangable eyes Kemono printed eyes LCD (animated) eyes LED claws/pad pads Lickable muzzle Magnetic teeth Magnets for interchangeable eyes/paw pads/props Muscle / belly / padded suits / wings Music instrument capable hand paws NFT and whiskers No DTD required Nostril holes Open to trying just about anything a client is interested in! Other UV reactive features Padded hands Portable USB drying accessories Poseable jaw Props and other accessories Puffy handpaws Realistic jawset, Silicone tongue Removable digitigrade padding Removable tail pillows Resin noses Sockpaws Squeaker in nose Tails with realistic movement UV markings UV reactive eyes Use-your-own-eyes heads Use-your-own-hair heads Waterproof eyes Willing to do just about anything to get the suit how the commissioner wants it Wire (anyplace) Zipper tails