TL;DR was given to you for free, how about you give something back and donate a few bucks to a charity of your choice, whether it be for animals​/environment/​people?

Please donate

How much are you going to spend on the fursuit stuff? Tens, hundreds, thousands? Would it really make a big difference if you added a few bucks on top of it and give it to a charity? I don't want to point out which one. Please follow your heart and donate to the charity which you most want to support.

I don't know how many hours have i spent on developing and maintaining this website. All this effort was given to you for free1, and has been secured by the free/open & permissive licenses applied2. I don't want anything in return3. Would all this motivate you to - in exchange - do something good for someone in need? If I knew it did, that would definitely made my day.

1 - In the future you might see some ads here for the sake of infrastructure funding.
2 - See the Licenses section on the Info page.
3 - OK, i'll take hugs.