Don't get scammed!
Fursuit stuff isn't cheap and you don't want to lose the precious money you've been saving

This tool serves for finding a maker/studio which will best match your expectations. It can save you some time on searching. What it can't do for you - which means you must do that yourself - is to verify the legitimacy of the maker/studio you want to commission. When you decide on the maker/studio, PLEASE:

  • Ask on social media/groups/forums if someone had prior experience working with the maker/studio
  • Check if they have any reviews on FursuitReview
  • Check if they've been listed on Artists Beware

You can read a bit more on the topic under Buying a custom fursuit carries a substantial risk section of this article: Buying a Fursuit: Is a Fursuit Right For You?

I'll be careful, I promise!