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OwO what's this?

This is basically what you can see on this page. A list of fursuit makers.

How to add/update your studio/maker info

Add/update my studio Guidelines

Getting a fursuit - what you should know

Before looking for fursuit, you should read this. You can find some explanation and advice (including safety).

How can you help

  • See a maker missing? - Let them know about this website!
  • See outdated data? - Report it!
  • Encountered a bug? - Report it!
  • Want a feature added/improved? - Let me know!
  • Own a fursuit already? - Submit a review!
  • Do you find this website helpful? - Spread awareness about it!

Contact maintainer

Please find the contact option on the contact page.

Tracking of commissions status has a limited capability of tracking if makers are open or closed for quotes/commissions/etc. This information is updated twice a day. Explanation and all the information is available here.

Maker IDs uses "maker IDs" to identify makers/studios. An example of such ID could be: "AWSMMKR". You can read more about them here.


Know bugs, requested features and other stuff is tracked on GitHub.


Fan of statistics? There are some.

Friends - great resource for fursuit makers and DIY folks.

FursuitReview ( - a place to look for reviews of fursuit makers' creations. Don't forget to submit yours!

Artists Beware ( - both for checking businesses and clients, and a resource of advice regarding business transactions.

AngoraRam - the artist behind the artwork on this website.

Scritch and Furtrack - are the places for fursuit photos, and they agreed to serve photos of suits which you can find here (not a lot of them yet...)


License terms for graphics used on this website are available under each of the image used in the artist's FurAffinity gallery. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Except where otherwise noted, all data&information available on this website is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Snapshots of the data can be found in the GitHub repository.

The software powering this website is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3. The source code can be found in the GitHub repository.