Inclusion/update form

Please don't rush

You don't want your information to be inaccurate/incomplete. Reserve some time for filling this. Grab your favorite beverage. This form can wait. I am aware of the fact that this form is long as hecc. But you can't say your business is a trivial thing, can you? Please start with the second suggestion: Please first read the whole thing, then fill in.

Please first read the whole thing, then fill in

Yes, I'm serious. I suggest to first take a look at the whole questionnaire and start filling from the start after getting familiar with what information goes where. You'll avoid repeating yourself and/or confusing your potential customers. You will also be able to tell how much time filling all of this will take.

Avoid using a smartphone/tablet

I strongly suggest filling this up using a computer/laptop! Mobile devices made enough weird stuff here and will take away any comfort possible. Don't make your life hard! This form can wait.

I may take stuff literally

If you make a typo or e.g. spell your name lowercase, that's how it will end up on the site. Later correction is possible though, so no need to panic.

Expect changes

Please note, that is still in development. Changes will happen, and there will be probably even more data gathered in the future. Not all data you put here will be available on the website immediately - some might be kept for the future.

Help needed? Problem with the form? Anything ambiguous?

In case of any questions/issues, feel free to contact me!

Feedback is welcome

In case you have any remarks, please add them to notes at the end. This is important. This will help you in properly advertising your studio and will help me improve the website. Thank you!


All the information you put in here will be available publicly, either directly through the website or through its sources (GitHub, the IT stuff). There are exceptions, marked like this: PRIVATE

General info

If your studio changed its name in the past, what was it? You can keep any old names here. Please: each name on a separate line.

Since when are you crafting (maker's experience, NOT studio age)?

If your studio has more than one maker, please provide information on the experience you give a guarantee for with your products. (e.g. senior maker checks how junior is doing, if all is done well, and will make sure any repairs/improvements will be done - then give senior experience information; two seniors - how about an average?)


Location of the studio

Type full name or two-letter ISO 3166 code (but not both).

Only for the US and Canada, otherwise please leave empty.


Please provide a precise description. If you leave this empty, will treat this information as missing! (see the first example). Examples: None/100% upfront, 40% upfront to reserve a slot, 40% after 2 months, 20% after next 2 months, 50% upfront to reserve a slot, 10% each next month, 50% upfront for slot reservation, 100$ each next month until fully paid.

Please supply a precise link, not one to e.g. the homepage. Preferred: typical webpages, FurAffinity. Avoid images, social media.

Examples: Bank transfers, Debit cards, on-line payments (please mention the services names, e.g. PayPal), Cash. Each in a separate line.

Examples: USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, BRL, CZK. Each in a separate line, please.

Production models

What do you do?

Example: I usually work with pre-mades, but I'm willing to do an interesting commission.


What styles do you manufacture?

You can check what other makers listed here. Please: one item = one line.

Example: Realistic are my speciality.

Order types

What kind of fursuits/items do you sell?

You can check what other makers listed here. Please: one item = one line.

Example: Especially pumped to do digitigrades because I have too much foam stacked, and I want to get rid of it.


What features do you support?

You can check what other makers listed here. Please: one item = one line.

Example: Prefer not doing follow-me eyes, because I don't like being observed while in the workshop.


Examples: Most species (+ more specific in the "will not do" field), but you may list only some groups here, e.g. Scalies, Fantasy creatures, or even particular species, e.g. Lions, Tigers. Just keep in mind that if you specify a wider group (Most species or Felines), then listing particular species is redundant (e.g. Lions). Don't put any comments here, e.g. willing to try XYZ or most experience with XYZ should be placed in the separate comments field instead. Please: one specie (group) = one line.

Please: one specie (group) = one line.

Examples: Most experienced in canines, I especially enjoy dragons (and scalies in general), Willing to try anything, Just ask!

Links to websites

  1. You must provide at least one link to a website/social media.
  2. Instant messaging (i.a. Telegram, Messenger), e-mail addresses, and other direct contact measures are not allowed anywhere here. can only link to websites, on which you can post such information.
  3. Work-in-progress websites are not accepted (keep in mind, that any portfolio is more important than an empty website; if you don't have one, start with Fur Affinity, or similar).
  4. Adding links to empty accounts/websites will only make your visitors frustrated. Consider adding links when content will already be there.
  5. All links put here must not require the visitor to click anything to view your content (scrolling is OK). E.g. if you keep FAQ on your website, then you should link the precise link to the FAQ, instead of the one to the homepage.

Check here. This is for my convenience - I will check that either way, and add the link if you are there. Thank you for filling this one for me!

Please note that they will not be visible on the website, but if I see a significant number of links to one portal, I might add support for it in the future. Please: one address = one line.

Automatic commissions status tracking (open/closed)

I highly encourage you to take advantage of this feature, as according to the stats I get from search engines, the information if a maker is open or not is one of the most important ones. You can read here how the tracking works. I'll be happy to help if you need assistance.

Note: Putting open here will not work, sorry. Please read about tracking by clicking the link above.

Scritch & Furtrack - photos of your creations

Have you heard about Scritch or Furtrack? These are initiatives of creating a proper service for publishing fursuit photos while being able to tag their makers and owners. The whole community can take part in tagging ("I know this fursuiter, here goes a tag!"). Makers keep their pages with links to their websites & social media and a list of the photos of their creations. Fursuiters have easy access to all their photos. It's far better than tagging on Facebook or Twitter or just uploading the photos on some on-line drives/photo services. Note: maintainer is involved in neither Scritch nor Furtrack development/maintenance; in case of any questions/issues regarding those websites, please reach out to their administrators.

You may already have one created for you. Go claim your page already if it's there.

Someone may have already created one for you. Go there check for photos tagged with your studio's name already.

You can use photos hosted on either Scritch or Furtrack or both (mixed). To copy a link from Scritch, open the photo and click "Get link" on the upper-right of the pop-up. You should end up with something similar to this: To copy a link from Furtrack, open the photo and click the link on the upper-right corner of the pop-up. You should end up with something similar to this: Kindly place each photo link in a single line.

Copyright acknowledgement

Fact of the photos being published on Scritch or Furtrack doesn't necessarily mean the photographers agreed to repost/reuse it elsewhere, including Please make sure you are allowed to link those photos here.

Other/remarks/additional information

Each one in a separate line, please. Examples: English, English (limited).

This will be your Maker ID, a short identification thingy. Please read about it here. 7 characters, uppercase letters and/or digits. Here are some possible examples: SILVENA, 2STFURS, DIRECRTS, DHCACTI, NUKECTS, GOFURIT, ALPHADG. You might use abbreviations, state or country codes, etc.

Feel free to put here any "welcome" or "who are we/am I" or "what makes me/us special" text that'll be displayed on top of your details pop-up. Max 500 characters!

WARNING! This is information 1) will NOT be visible on, yet it 2) WILL however be public. Treat this as place for comments for maintainer or some additional information which might be added to the website in the future.

Contact, updates & feedback

Please consider: is under development. Slow, but it is. This means two things:

  1. In the future, your studio information here will most probably become incomplete or outdated. This happens when new data gets introduced here. For example, when started, there wasn't info about production models, species, payment plans. Those who didn't make updates since then have incomplete info now.
  2. I value makers' feedback because it lets me make changes and improvements properly (you know the business far better than I do). I'd love to get good advice or opinion from you.

Alternatives for Telegram users: If you want to receive ANNOUNCEMENTS through Telegram, join this channel: and select CORRECTIONS below. If you want to provide FEEDBACK through Telegram, consider joining this group instead: and selecting CORRECTIONS below. Want to be contacted individually through Telegram? Just select the proper option below without joining anywhere.

Contact allowed?
  1. I explain "WHY" above
  2. I don't flood
  3. You can opt-out anytime
  4. You are not obliged, in any way, to provide answer/respond/react
  5. Your contact info will never be shared

PRIVATE If you selected NO above, simply put here. Please provide E-MAIL: e-mail@address (preferred) or TELEGRAM: @username or TWITTER: @username (or all of them, when possible). No other possibilities in this case, sorry! If you are updating your data and you see asterisks here, but the address looks OK, and you don't want to change it - just leave it as it is. Private: Your address will never be shared by the maintainer with anyone without your permission.

PRIVATE Please provide some kind of passcode/password. Please use at least 6 characters. Important: do not use any passcode you use anywhere else! Write it down, and provide it whenever you send updates in the future. If you lost the passcode, please put I forgot, or something like that. Whenever you send updates with invalid or missing passcode, I will reach up to you, unless you select NO below, or had it selected in a previous submission (in that case you need to contact me first). This is needed to make sure it was you, who posted the updates. There are reasons it is done this particular way, and the explanation is too long for this form. Important: This passcode can be seen by the maintainer in the clear text! Private: this is provided for maintainer only, obviously.