Automated tracking and status updates

General idea

To allow visitors filter by commissions status, makers can choose a page to be tracked. The tracking happens twice a day. Once the maker announces opening on their page, it should be reflected here within half a day.


  • Updates are delayed: updates statuses twice a day, so it may even take 12 hours for the updates done by a maker to be reflected here. Take this into account if you are waiting for your beloved maker to open. You'd better follow their social media or other stuff.
  • The software can make mistakes and will use the privilege.
  • Some websites are not supported (see below). This includes those requiring visitors to be registered&logged in.
  • is unable to "click" any links, buttons, etc. Exact address, where the status is published, must be submitted to
  • Only simple English language is supported.

Makers - How to enroll

To make track and update your status, familarize yourself with the Limitations (above) and check the Do's and dont's (below). Then you can choose the page to be tracked by filling the inclusion/update form, providing the tracked page's address in correct field.

It's easy to forget about the tracking once set up. Remember: whenever you change address of your website, or sometimes even rename the page (which can cause address to change in some CMSes), will not automatically update that - you will need to send the form again.

Contact me in case of any doubts/problems!

Makers - Do's and dont's

Websites: unsupported and supported

Unsupported webpages
  • Blog entries, posts, journals, tweets, etc. - unpinned. If you post new stuff and the original post/entry/etc. will move to the second page, this will fail. If you unpin the original and pin another post/message/journal/etc. this will fail. This may work if you only edit the pinned item, but not unpin and pin another.
  • Facebook. I don't recommend using it for tracking. It's unpredictable regarding when it requires to log in. Can't guarantee will be able to check your page. If you want to use it either way (at your own risk), I recommend putting the commissions info into your "about" page and tracking it.
  • Instagram. They seem to do some shenanigans around the requirement to be logged in. I was moving this between "supported" and "unsupported" from time to time, it was real fun, and at this point I'm done.
  • Twitter. Profiles tracking worked very well for a long time, and then Space Karen happened.

Supported webpages
  • Fur Affinity (best option is to use the profile info, while avoiding journals, etc.). NOTE 1: Your user profile must be publicly visible, log-in requirement will break tracking! NOTE 2: "Accepting Commissions" user setting is deliberately ignored by default, because most FA users, which are being tracked, don't pay attention to keeping that in sync with what they put in their profile description. If you need to track your "Accepting Commissions" setting, please state that clearly in the notes! If you only put your status as text in your profile, you are good to go. NOTE 3: There were issues with accessing FA in the past, but stuff seems to be working fine now.
  • Most of generic websites.
  • Trello usually works and there's an incoming improvement of the tracker, which should make it even more reliable.
  • DeviantArt profile info should work (untested).
  • Early tests have shown that Mastodon has potential; I'd happily assist you if you want to try it out!
  • Other websites may be supported as well.

Status: what (not) to post

Don't post statuses like these
  • Status on/as an image If you publish your status using cool, fancy font on a pretty image, won't read that. This could work if you named the image specifically, e.g. commissions_open.png, or added the status in the alt attribute.
  • cOwOmissions open! :) No fancy wording, please. "gets" simple English only.
  • Commissions open in February! Depending on how you word it, you may fool into "thinking" you are open now. Better solution below.
  • 3 slots left! Better solution below.

These statuses are clear and OK

Examples of status descriptions is able to track:

  • Commissions: open / We're open / etc.
  • Commissions are closed, quotes are open!
  • Commissions closed, opening in February! This works, because it contains the clear message "commissions closed"
  • Commissions open, 3 slots left! This works, because it contains the clear message "commissions open"