Automatic tracking and status updates has limited ability to track and update commissions status (open/closed). On this page:

  1. Overview - how this works
  2. Limitations
  3. Do's and dont's
    1. Websites: unsupported and supported
    2. Status: what (not) to post
  4. How to enroll

Overview - how this works

1. Maker fills inclusion/update form

Fursuit maker decides which of their webpages should monitor for updates. To do that, the maker needs to send the inclusion/update form. This must be done every time the address changes (e.g. the maker decided to abandon one social platform and now posts the updates elsewhere).

2. Inclusion/update form gets processed

The address which was selected by the maker to be tracked by gets saved into the database along with all the information included in the inclusion/update form.

3. Periodic updates

With the tracked webpage address in the database, the rest of the process is automated. This is what happens behind the scenes:

3.1. Reading list of addresses retrieves the list of webpages' addresses which it's supposed to monitor, from the database where they are being kept.

3.2. Fetching webpages

Having the list of addresses, checks all the webpages and tries to figure out commissions' statuses.

3.3. Updating the database

After determining the statuses, updates the makers' data in the database.

3.4. Updates are on-line!

After the database got updated, visitors will see the statuses as determined from the webpages, where makers originally published updates.

Now that you've read this you should understand how this works and why I decided to give up on learning how to draw and instead focused on development. Disclaimer: images below were not drawn by me, obviously. Artist is credited on the info page.


Do's and dont's

Websites: unsupported and supported

Unsupported webpages
  • Blog entries, posts, journals, tweets, etc. - unpinned. If you post new stuff and the original post/entry/etc. will move to the second page, this will fail. If you unpin the original and pin another post/message/journal/etc. this will fail. This may work if you only edit the pinned item, but not unpin and pin another.
  • Facebook. I don't recommend using it for tracking. It's unpredictable regarding when it requires to log in. Can't guarantee will be able to check your page. If you want to use it either way (at your own risk), I recommend putting the commissions info into your "about" page and tracking it.
  • Instagram. They seem to do some shenanigans around the requirement to be logged in. I was moving this between "supported" and "unsupported" from time to time, it was real fun, and at this point I'm done.

Supported webpages
  • Fur Affinity (best option is to use the profile info, while avoiding journals, etc.). NOTE 1: Your user profile must be publicly visible, log-in requirement will break tracking! NOTE 2: "Accepting Commissions" user setting is deliberately ignored by default, because most FA users, which are being tracked, don't pay attention to keeping that in sync with what they put in their profile description. If you need to track your "Accepting Commissions" setting, please state that clearly in the notes! If you only put your status as text in your profile, you are good to go. NOTE 3: There were issues with accessing FA in the past, but stuff seems to be working fine now.
  • Most of generic websites.
  • Twitter profile info.
  • Trello sometimes works.
  • DeviantArt profile info should work (untested).

Status: what (not) to post

Don't post statuses like these
  • Status on/as an image If you publish your status using cool, fancy font on a pretty image, won't read that. This could work if you named the image specifically, e.g. commissions_open.png, or added the status in the alt attribute.
  • cOwOmissions open! :) No fancy wording, please. "gets" simple English only.
  • Commissions open in February! Better solution below.
  • 3 slots left! Better solution below.

These statuses are clear and OK

Examples of status descriptions is able to track:

  • Commissions: open / We're open / etc.
  • Commissions are closed, quotes are open!
  • Commissions closed, opening in February! This works, because it contains the clear message "commissions closed"
  • Commissions open, 3 slots left! This works, because it contains the clear message "commissions open"

How to enroll

To make track and update your status, make sure your website complies with the above recommendations and send the inclusion/update form, providing the website's address in correct field. Of course, don't forget to update your data on, whenever you move commissions information between pages/subpages.

Contact me in case of any doubts/problems!