Automatic tracking and status updates

TL;DR version: keep a page or profile somewhere with a simple "commissions: open/closed" message, submit the address to the page in the inclusion/update form and will check your page twice a day to update the status here.

Imagine you need to put information about your commissions status (open/closed) in one place only. is able to automatically track and reflect your commissions status. How does it work? It's easy.

1. Fill inclusion/update form

You (the fursuit maker) fill in the on-line form. In the form you specify on which website/social media account do you keep your commissions status. You need to fill this form only once, and after that you can forget about all of this.

2. Filled form gets processed

I receive all form submissions and put all the information into the database. This includes the information, where should look for your commissions status. This happens only once, and you do not need to worry about this.

There may be some cases, when I will reach out to you, because won't be able to "understand" the information on the page you selected. I'll explain more later.

3. Periodic updates

Your website is now tracked, and will periodically check for status changes. No effort on your side!

3.1. Getting links list

The process of status updates begins with reaching to the database to get all the links to the webpages which it was supposed to track, for all the fursuit makers - including yours!

3.2. Fetching webpages

Having the list of links, downloads all the tracked webpages. There are websites supports, and those which it does not - I'll get into details later. There are also some limitations on what the software "understands" (e.g. only the english language). Details later!

3.3. Updating the database

After fetched all the tracked webpages, it tries to figure out statuses of the commissions. When done, it pushes all the updates into it's database.

The software is not perfect, but I try to notice and fix any mistakes (e.g. claiming a maker is closed for commissions when it's the opposite). In rare cases will no longer be able to track your status. I may reach out to makers, when that happens.

3.4. Updates are on-line!

When statuses are in the database, all visitors will see your status reflected (copied) from the webpage you selected in the inclusion/update form in the first step. No effort on your side!

Now that you've read this you should understand how this works and why I decided to give up on learning how to draw and instead focused on development.


To be successfully tracked, you should put a clear statement if the commissions are open or not on one of the websites listed below. This needs to be one, simple "we're open/closed for commissions", or "commissions: open/closed" or similar. You can check, what other makers put and where (all makers with visible status are tracked, pick one and you'll find out how do they do it).

At the moment, cannot track if you are, for example, open for parts but not fullsuits/partials. Only one, "overall" status is supported.

Which websites can be tracked

More websites might become supported in the future. At the moment can handle these:

Unsure? Contact me to clarify!

Which websites are NOT supported and probably (or for sure) won't work

Unsure? Contact me to clarify!

Final blah-blahs scans websites for changes twice a day, so approximate delay between update on your website and status getting updated here should be no more than half a day. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that.

Contact me in case of any doubts/problems!